Technical production

AUDIO – The sound of your event

RGB’s sound department accommodates your needs for sound reinforcement from conferences to festivals. Our renowned technicians are ready to offer their services for the most complex and demanding events whilst following international standards and preferences. We use d&b Audiotechnik & QSC PA systems sound enforcement equipment that is favoured by the majority of large- scale international artists.

LIGHTS – The atmosphere of your event

RGB’s light design solutions and the quality of our equipment from static LED projectors to intelligent moving light fixtures has helped our team to become the preferred service providers on the market. We know what it takes to light up a hall filled with people or a single, beaming face. We use Clay Paky & Robe’s latest lighting equipment that is favoured by the majority of large-scale events & lighting designers.

VIDEO – The look of your event

One of RGB’s strengths lies in High tech video equipment, live & post- production. Our team consists of experienced professionals – from every technician to our camera operators and video directors. Our equipment suits all your most intricate needs and ranges from simple presentation screens to massive panoramic and multi-projection & LED wall solutions. We have LED screens starting from 2.9mm pixel pitch indoor to 7.8mm pixel pitch outdoor and also see-through type mesh LED screens.

VIDEO PRODUCTION – The content of your event

RGB’s video production team compiles presentations, designs and animates moving screen graphics and produces video clips for all types of events depending on your need. Our services range from small-scale interviews to interactive video installations and image movies. Together with the video equipment team, our video production team creates versatile custom-made solutions from simple mappings to wide-scale multi-projections.

RGB Arena – The structure of your event

RGB has an inventory of modules for building different-sized stages and tribunes to make your event look and feel perfect. We help you with creating a distinctive look and can provide you a unique structure – the RGB Arena – an impressive venue for conferences, exhibitions, receptions, corporate, media and music events. The 30m wide pavilion is spacious and elegant and can be equipped with a 1200 sq m floor and walkways. Unlike regular event tents, it has a curved roof and a stylish glass/isopanel facade giving it the feel of a permanent building. The pavilion can also be used in the harshest of winter conditions and it can be mounted at any location with enough flat surface. RGB Arena is unique in entire Europe and it is available for rent across the continent.